The CCOP Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), through the vehicle of sports, reaches out to all youth in the community offering an opportunity to develop positive attitudes and responsibility and encourages friendship with other children. CYO activities sho

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Pre-Season Jamboree and Referee Training

Preseason Jamboree and Referee Clinic
10/16, 10/23, (2 days only) - Harvest Park Middle School

   ALL REFEREES MUST ATTEND TRAINING CLINIC ON SUNDAY, 10/16 from 10:30-12:30.  Send email to Mr. Costello at  (Subject: Referee Training Request) to request training hours.  When requesting your training slots, include top three date/time choices.  Be sure to request sufficient training hours for your experience level (first and second year-->4 hours; 3rd year-->2 hours; 3+ years or team captain - you may request to be evaluators.  Evaluators are paid at your game rate.)

 send email to  (Subject: Jamboree Request) to request a game slot. Include desired date/time and information for BOTH TEAMS - head coach's last name, team gender and grade (e.g., 10/18, 12:00, Thome 6B, Andrews 6B).  Spots are reserved first-come/first-served WHEN EMAILS ARE RECEIVED FROM BOTH COACHES confirming the same time slot.

All game times have been allocated:

Updated Referee Training and Preseason Jamboree Schedule. 


by posted 10/02/2016